Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bag Man

Blog #27

Bag Man

The Russ Solution

My last blog, a book review bombed. It had the lowest readership of any. So I decided to do something really exciting this week. GROCERY BAGS. Yes folks it's the new attack on plastic bags.
Here in Olympia and in Seattle and the rest of liberal land it's now not legal to get your groceries in those thin plastic bags. That's good. Maybe a few sea turtles will avoid strangling on them and they won't be blowing all over the freeway and the beaches.

But the alternative is largely more plastic. This time they are pushing the reusable ones with big pictures and colorful logos. Sorry, but what happens to those when they get worn out or lost? They will join the other plastic that lasts virtually forever and join the mega-tons circulating in the North Pacific Ocean and being ingested by other organisms in the food chain.

So here's the deal. I have CRS (can't remember stuff) and make grocery lists so I don't forget what I'm doing and then I forget the list and leave it on the counter in the kitchen. I'm not making this up.
So I kill two birds with one stone and write the list on a paper grocery bag and take it with me. These bags cost a nickel, will last several shopping trips and when they finally give up they can go in the paper recycling. They are made with 40% recycled content so you are really doing a good thing to use them.

I mark each use when I unload them and I'm shooting to beat ten uses per bag. What a superior feeling I get being a greeny.  See, wasn't that exciting.

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