Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blog Post number one


Aloha and welcome to the digital wilderness that is in my mind. I have written a novel about ancient Hawai’i which includes a voyage to Alaska in a double hulled voyaging canoe. If you come back to this blog later this week you may read a chapter of it. Your comments will help me break down the walls of some publishing house and allow the people of the book to escape into reader-land.

Some of you already know me. For those who don’t, let me introduce myself. I am Russ Cahill. I am descended from Hawaiians on my dad’s side, (well, there was that Irishman who left his genes and his name), and Pilgrims on my mom’s. I live in a forest adjacent to a salmon stream just north of Olympia, Washington with my wife, Narda Pierce. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are scattered from here to Alaska.

Who am I?

I was a backup linebacker and center during the nineteen fifties at Michigan State, interrupted my college to do military service, and worked as a Deputy Sheriff in San Jose while I raised a family and got my Biology degree from San Jose State. In 1966 I joined the National Park Service,  Later, I was appointed Director of Alaska State Parks and then Director the California State Parks during Governor Jerry Brown's first term. I have worked in natural resources fields for about fifty years.

Today I am a gardener, cook and writer. I enjoy travel, fishing and riding a motorcycle. I spend some of each summer in a cabin my family and I built in 1974 in rural Alaska. I intend to post these blogs on each day; Monday through Friday. 

Getting around in Gustavus, Alaska

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Anonymous said...

on top of all that other stuff, you are a pretty awesome brother in law too! :)